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Point of Sale Management

Solutions for sales force, point of sale management, and brand advocacy.

We have individuals trained at the point of sale, with technical information on the product and commercial arguments that help them negotiate everything related to your brand, thus strengthening ties with the sales channel.

With our SGPV application, we offer our clients real-time access to the status of their brands, categories, and products in the spaces we visit.

We capture distribution, facings, shelves, prices, presence, actions agreed with the headquarters, generated actions, dynamic questionnaires, including all the necessary photographs.

What functions does our Sales Force Managers (SFM) or Sales representatives perform?


Ensure proper distribution and increase the negotiated assortments with each center.


Increase the presence of the product catalog.


Position the product on shelves with better visibility and a higher number of facings.


Close contact with the section manager or store manager.


Capture photos so that the client has visual data.


Prioritize innovative products, assisted by their product sheet.

Success cases

Channels where we already work

Advantages we offer our Point of Sale Management clients

In a market like today’s, where many brands compete to be the first choice for customers, point of sale management is a key factor.

Point of sale management seeks to know the product’s situation at the point of sale so that sales can be optimized quickly and effectively.

Mobility and easy access to point of sale information

The tools we offer allow your teams to access point of sale information quickly and, above all, reliably for proper decision-making that allows greater efficiency and performance in sales. The information will be available at all times and in any place.

Likewise, as it is dynamic technology, it can be adapted to your needs, from the most complex to the most basic in general.

Significant reduction of the administrative burden

One of the main problems for companies is excessive paperwork and manual tasks, often carried out by hand, and the amount of time spent on tasks such as information integration.

Optimal monitoring of your execution at the point of sale

The solutions we offer at Service Innovation Group, allows you to monitor each point of sale from our application, so you can instantly know what happens day by day regarding decision-making.

At the same time, this application allows you to manage other important aspects of the sales field. Such as prices, or even competition, allowing you to manage the point of sale effectively. You can carry out strategies such as promotions, second exposures, and tracking the compliance with actions based on the data obtained through our platform.

Control and optimal management of your availability

Inventory failures, such as stock shortages or excess merchandise, significantly harm any company, which is why they require a lot of attention.

Stock shortages negatively affect how the consumer perceives a brand at the moment they find the shelf empty, and it affects the service standard that as a manufacturer is offered to any given space.

Point of sale managers helps to minimize these problems to the minimum.

Better image and customer service

The use of technology in point of sale management is key, in addition to providing a good image, it allows greater speed in decision-making that can be crucial when defining the direction of a brand.

Our application is designed to maintain constant contact with our clients, and that at all times they have the power of decision in their hands over everything that happens with their products and the surfaces where they are located.

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