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Commercial Audit at Point of Sale

We monitor various channels and categories, measuring physical presence, execution quality, pricing, and the level of promotional activities, among others.

We provide real-time information: What’s happening and where it’s happening. In order to analyze future decisions quickly and efficiently. Better understanding the market and competition allows us to make the best tactical and strategic decisions for our clients.

Our service includes specialized software with custom questionnaires for our clients to adapt to the handling, transmission, manipulation, and reading of data collected in the point of sale audit.

We develop a dynamic process for the inspection of the point of sale and train the team to meet all agreed information collection goals. Through our specialized software, our clients will have access to real-time point of sale information, allowing them to make accurate and immediate decisions.

Beyond the basics, we commit to creating a work methodology tailored to the client’s needs, so that there is ongoing feedback in order to obtain the best results.

What roles does our Commercial Auditor perform?


Training on the brand.


Planning the visit scheme and schedule to different points of sale.


Collection of data at points of sale.


Maintaining good relationships with the channel.

Channels we already work with

Advantages we offer to our clients in the Audit Service

In these times of great competition, it is important to know our market and competitors. It will ensure a competitive edge when making the best tactical and strategic decisions for any business.

Through a Point of Sale (POS) Audit service, you can optimally understand what is most in demand in the market and how to search for it, thus providing exceptional service to each customer.

What is the Point of Sale (POS) Audit?

The point of sale (POS) audit consists of a series of visits carried out by a specialized team of qualified people. It has a defined goal, which consists of identifying and evaluating a set of variables previously defined at the different pre-established points of sale.

What are the goals of the commercial audit?

Evaluation of compliance with exhibition standards defined by the client. Verification of main aspects: Stock, Varieties, Prices, Facings, etc.

  • Suggestion of competitive advantages over the competition.
  • Identification of main relevant aspects also for the competition.
  • Contribution to the improvement of the image, visibility, and enrichment of the brand at points of sale (POS).
  • Auditing and suggesting improvements at various distributors.

What is achieved?

  • Finding gaps between the goals set and what was actually achieved.
  • Checking if employees are offering the correct product.
  • Potential training needs on the product being offered.
  • Better trained and efficient sellers.
  • Opportunities for complementary sales.
  • Improving customer satisfaction levels.
  • Improvement in sales and distribution.
  • Specific study with history that will lead to better decision-making.
  • Quicker decision-making.

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