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Brand Advocate: Boost Your Brand

We execute our client's brand vision at the point of sale (POS) so that the value of their image is maintained in excellent condition, reinforcing marketing objectives.

We collaborate with the point of sale (POS) for the best application of our client’s strategies so that the common goal is the consumer’s experience in the shopping space. We implement and follow up on in-store quality processes in real-time for the product.

As trainers, we ensure to provide all the necessary tools for our teams so that they can be fully autonomous and capable of offering a quality service that meets our clients’ objectives and strengthens the relationship with the sales channel.

We take care of visual elements and organize products according to the defined strategy. We deeply understand the client’s philosophy and the particular project, elevating it to the level of excellence.

Not only that, but we do reports on status, performance, and follow-up at each visit with our own tools, in real-time.

Furthermore, we establish a collaborative framework with the client to agree on any opportunity for improvement in the project.

What roles does our Brand Advocate play?


Regularly visit the product placement points designated by the client.


Contact the section manager or store manager.


Review the current status of the client’s elements (location, signage, cleanliness, order).


Act according to quality standards on elements that do not meet the client’s established norms.


Train store staff to enhance their knowledge about brand elements.


Create quantitative and qualitative reports on the results of the action.


Manage orders and logistics based on needs.


Provide ongoing training to the channel on our clients’ marketing strategies.

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Advantages we offer to our Brand Advocate service clients

In the field marketing universe, the BRAND ADVOCATE is an ambassador of a brand, of an organization.

What is a brand advocate or ambassador?

A BRAND ADVOCATE is responsible for maintaining the client’s merchandising and the brand for which they work. They deal with important aspects such as image, care, training, presence, communication, and report all types of information required about the work performed at each point of sale.

Service Innovation Group Spain has a group of experts in the management and coordination of brand ambassador teams specialized in maintaining and projecting the image required by our clients in each of the facets worked by this type of role.


It is important to ensure a correct update of all merchandising material installed at the point of sale, posters, vinyls, displays, furniture, etc… Everything must follow the strict norms agreed with the client.

The knowledge of the brand ambassador is essential for the correct implementation.

Care and Visibility

Every display and piece of furniture and products displayed, must be completely clean, without signs of improper use and with supporting elements that help the customer focus on them just by having them in their line of sight.

That’s why it is also important to accompany the space with proper lighting for all elements that are to focus the sale.


A brand ambassador has received especially detailed and meticulous training, to have information at a higher level about all the products of that brand in which they will work. Therefore, their educational role in the guidelines set by the client, with each of the employees at the point of sale (POS) in charge of the care of these products, will be important.

They will establish the training plans whenever there are updates or a need to reinforce certain behaviors that have deviated over time.


For the brand to position itself in the strategic places at each point of sale (POT) one of the essential tasks of the brand ambassador is to establish communication links. He also needs to have empathy with store managers because he will receive feedback from them, even without being on a visit to the store.


All of the above could not be measured without proper monitoring of the work performed. We measure it through computer tools that the client can provide to our Brand Advocate or that we make available to them if the client does not have them.

Service Innovation Group Spain has a versatile and proprietary tool to facilitate on-site completion of as many questionnaires as necessary by our brand ambassadors. Celero One and the Business Intelligence team also allow the client to have real-time access to the KPIs set at the start of each project.

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