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We are experts in training and training dynamics. We accompany you in designing your needs and proposing solutions that simplify your day-to-day, so you can easily follow the use and progress of your training plan.

We offer personalized and adapted content to your needs and those of your brand, and we take care of providing all the necessary tools. We enhance the aspects that are most relevant for your brand and your team.

Furthermore, we train both the personnel of the company requesting the training service, and other external groups who are invited to the scheduled courses.

We turn the final seller into an expert so that the customer-buyer’s in-store experience is the best possible. We adapt and personalize the content to the different user typologies and channels where we operate.

We carry out both face-to-face and virtual trainings, adapting to the client’s needs. Likewise, we use our own training platform, although we also adapt to what you may already have or want to use.

What functions do our Trainers perform?


Our trainers are experts in your brand and are up to date on it.


They conduct face-to-face or virtual courses according to circumstances and needs.


The content is 100% personalized for the client and their training requirements.


We certify that the courses have been carried out correctly and have the skills and/or knowledge required by the brand.


The trainers supervise and update the courses.


We employ group techniques and dynamics to put into practice the acquired knowledge.

Success cases

Channels where we already work

Why is it important to have a good training project in the company?

  • Because it allows us to train and equip our team, updating their skills during their professional life.
  • Because it allows us to train and equip external strategic teams to turn them into the best ambassador for our brand.

Which benefits you have with a training project?

  • More qualified personnel, better prepared, more motivated, adding value and improving the positioning of the company.
  • Increases team satisfaction and participation.
  • It allows you to share experiences, learning, and methodologies.
  • Improve work processes, optimizing them.
  • It promotes the use of new technologies. 

Our training processes

For Service Innovation Group, it is very important to carry out a correct process:

  • Detect needs.
  • Plan the training plan.
  • Execute it.
  • Results analysis.

Final goal

  • Train.
  • Increase the quality of your staff/partner.
  • Improve the work environment.
  • Increase your teams loyalty.

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