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Point of Sale (POS) Promotions

We encourage and motivate consumers to purchase our client’s product or service through demonstrations, tastings, incentives, and distribution of promotional material.

We offer reinforcement to the advertising activity of mass media. For this, we make our team of promoters available in specialized channels to boost sales across all surfaces. Thus, we strengthen their image and electability. Our promoters always work with a flawless image, an active commercial attitude, and experience in verbal and non-verbal communication.

After researching the needs of the product at the point of sale (POS), specific objectives are outlined, and an execution plan is made. There is a constant and meticulous follow-up on the results being obtained to evaluate opportunities for improvement and advancements in the actions to make relevant decisions.

What roles does our Point of Sale Promoter play?


Perform product demonstrations to inform the end consumer about the product features.


Sell products, delivery and reception, take special orders.


Distribute promotional material and offer product samples.


Create feedback with the customer, resolving doubts or experiences with the product.


Maintain good relationships with the sales point section managers to improve positioning and visibility.


Represent the client’s brand integrally.


Thoroughly understand the product features and the promotional action being carried out.

Success cases

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Key points for a successful point of sale (POS) promotion

The point of sale or POS is an ideal place to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and motivating them to acquire certain products, that they possibly would not have bought if not for some incentives. These are called point of sale promotions or POS promotions, which, when combined with visual merchandising, can generate a high impact and additionally create a strong bond between the brand and the customer.

Why are point of sale promotions important?

Each point of sale has its own appropriate and different way of communicating messages about products or services. This is done through visual elements that influence consumers’ thinking, helping them see qualities and characteristics that are normally difficult to perceive when passing through an aisle full of competing products. Therefore, the promotional elements used will contain a series of characteristics to be profitable. They should be attractive, easy to install, and have a positive quality/cost/efficiency ratio.

The reasons for purchase (impulse, opportunity, list, reflective, with prize, precise, and mixed) are very different, so the point of sale promotions will vary depending on their focus. However, what should always be sought in all cases is the connection with emotions through an attractive, effective, and fascinating message, as purchases are a playful act.

Connecting with the customer

An essential element to succeed in the sector. It is necessary to establish an emotional bond with the consumer and, above all, give confidence to make any person feel that they must have the product.

It is important that the product is close to reach for customers, as it is a very important factor.

Maximizing the available space

It is very important that people feel comfortable in the shopping space, and that they should not feel intimidated when approaching. Also, the space plays a very essential role in the decision to access the promotion area.

Crossing opportunities

If a brand is being promoted, better not to limit it to a single product. When the consumer shows interest, they are taken to the website, shown product catalogs, and provided with valuable information so that the person feels valued and is motivated to explore more in the field of the brand.

Frequent change of visible objects

It is important to project an image of constant change and improvement. This way, the consumer will perceive the brand as innovative and will be interested in investigating new offers and news regarding the product line.

At Service Innovation Group Spain, we have been working in the field of promotions since the last quarter of the 20th century. We have developed our own computer tools to make the planning, monitoring, and processing of information fully optimized for our field workers and clients. Point of sale promotion or POS promotion is something we take very seriously, achieving a high degree of effectiveness and a very low incidence rate.

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