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Sales Forces Solutions, Point of Sale Management, and Commercial Outsourcing

Who Are We at SIG Spain?

Service Innovation Group, a leading and experienced company in the commercial outsourcing sector, specializes in point of sale management and commercial audit through its own tools and has been providing professional sales solutions to its clients for over 30 years.

The Most Important Thing, Our Clients

Enhancing our clients’ brand image, increasing their sales, and being market leaders are our main goals. We adapt to their specifics and work as a team to devise the best strategies to achieve their goals. Undoubtedly, for us, the most important thing are our clients.


Our commitment to our clients is what makes the difference. We offer flexibility and personalized plans for all their needs. We are their hands and eyes at the point of sale, and that's why we believe we can exceed ourselves every day, offering the best solutions for their projects.

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